Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde – September 12 thru 22

An evocative tale of romance and the epic battle between good and evil, Jekyll & Hyde brings new life to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story. A whirlwind odyssey pitting man against himself is set into motion when the brilliant Dr. Jekyll’s medical experiment backfires, giving life to Edward Hyde, his evil alter ego. A few moments after Dr. Henry Jekyll makes his journal entry, audiences are introduced to one of the most terrifying villains ever written for a musical: that embodiment of evil, Mr Hyde. Moving through the streets of Victorian London, Mr. Hyde reeks havoc on the citizens in his bloodthirsty quest for revenge, while his alter-ego, Dr. Jekyll tries to regain control of his soul on his descent into madness. Jekyll & Hyde is a rarity: A good, old-fashioned horror story that makes a good, old-fashioned musical.
With the international hit “This Is The Moment,” as its centerpiece, the score, with music by Frank Wildhorn (The Civil War) and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse, throbs with the pulse of today, while evoking another time and place.