My One and Only

My One and Only – August 15 thru 25

my one and only
Captain Billy Buck Chandler is determined to be the first man in history to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. His mission is somewhat sidetracked at a railroad station when he first lays eyes on Edith Herbert, ex-Channel swimmer and current star attraction of Russian Prince Nikki. Seeing Billy as her only hope of escaping Prince Nikki, Edith persuades Billy to fly her to Cuba, but Nikki sabotages the plane and the two lovebirds fall to earth on a seemingly deserted island which they quickly turn into Paradise. But when Nikki finds them and forces Edith to go back to the Aquacade by threatening to reveal her past, Billy, left alone, bitterly returns to the only dream left him – his flight to Paris and the fame he will achieve. Life at the Aquacade goes on but Edith is despondent and decides to run away. Billy, however, is unable to forget Edith. He returns to Mr. Magix for fresh advice. What should he do now? Mr. M counsels him that only love matters. After a brief interlude that finds Prince Nikki and Billy’s female mechanic, Mickey, falling head over heels for one another Billy takes off in his plane, the Lone Star, in search of Edith. He finds her in Morocco – it was the location of the movie where they fell in love – and persuades her to return to America with him and get married, which they do. After the ceremony, happiness theirs, Edith pauses to wonder at it all. To the surprise of practically no one, they will live happily ever after.